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Who are we: H.I.P.P. is your one stop shop! Yes, look no further, H.I.P.P. can help you with any home remodeling you are interested in completing whether inside the home or outside. Looking to sale your home or buy a home we can help with that as well. We are truly your one stop shop.

How we work: H.I.P.P. has a very selective selection process for construction/home improvement companies and realtors that we work with. Companies associated with H.I.P.P. are licensed and bonded contractors, with at least 10 years in the business and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What we do: H.I.P.P. ensures that all companies associated with our program have reasonable pricing; which is passed on to our customers. We also save our customers the frustrations of having to pay for the same job twice from companies that do not stand behind their warranties.

​H.I.P.P. verifies that all companies associated with H.I.P.P. are licensed, bonded and insured with at least a million dollar policy. H.I.P.P. also ensures that our companies are in good standings with the Better Business Bureau with no unresolved complaints.

​How you benefit: We are a one stop shop and it is our goal to save San Diego community’s time by weaving out the bad apples (companies) and allowing you to start your selection from a pool of very reputable companies. It is also our goal to save you money.

​Our Goal: Our goal is to provide home owners the best product while maintaining affordable prices. We value you as a neighbor and a prospective customer and places customer services above all things. Ensuring our customers receive quality products at affordable prices and are satisfied with the products that are placed in their home is our top priority.

Call us and let us help you with your project. We will work closely with you and the contractor to ensure your dreams are achieved.

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